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Social Selling Training

Sales is all about relationships–you simply can’t sell today without using social media early and often

Social selling is the practice of using your brand's social media channels to connect with prospects and clients, develop connections, and drive better conversions.

Savvy sales, business development, and customer success teams use social media to drive better relationships, establish themselves as thought leaders, and convert leads more quickly.

Does your sales team need other ways to reach their prospects?

How are your customer success teams expanding their relationships at your client accounts?

Are your sales team members using social media to fill their sales pipelines and push deals to the next stage of the sales cycle?

If your teams are not using social media as a way to deepen their prospect and customer relationships and share their expertise, they’re not using all the free tools at their disposal.

Studies show people trust individual accounts far more than corporate accounts, so you want your team members commenting and sharing your content regularly to boost its visibility.  Beyond that, you want your team members sharing their own content regularly to establish themselves as thought leaders and build and deepen their relationships.

Additionally, people want to know what’s on your leaders’ minds. More people follow leaders than corporate accounts.

We’ll train your team first on the importance of social selling and how best to support and amplify your corporate social media campaigns.

Then we’ll create a plan to help your team incorporate social media into their sales funnels, connecting with target prospects and customers.

We can work one on one with leaders to teach them how to share thought leadership in a way that feels authentic to them.


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Who is Sameena Kluck?

Sameena Kluck is an innovation evangelist and social media strategist. A former practicing lawyer, she has spent years working in large and small legal technology companies, first in sales and then in legal marketing and branding.