Sameena Safdar | Social Media Strategist, Personal Branding Expert, & Legal Technology Consultant

Legal Technology Consulting

Are you looking to make your mark in the legal technology industry? Let me help you.

Learn how to raise your company's visibility in the legal technology industry.

After 20 years in the legal technology industry, I’ve developed a broad network of connections with thought leaders, podcasters, conference organizers, and innovators. Let me help you amplify your message with these key individuals.

Do you want to get more attention for your company but unsure how?

Have you wondered how to get more visibility for your great webinars and panel discussions?

Would you like to be considered a thought leader in the legal technology industry?

If so, let me help raise your profile. I can help you identify the influencers in the legal industry and teach you how to engage with them. I’ll help you identify the conferences and live events to attend to raise your profile–and how to make the most of those events. 

Podcast guest appearances and conference or webinar speaking appearances can quickly bring you and your company on the radar of legal technology thought leaders. I can also livetweet those appearances (or teach your team how) to drive more engagement.

You also want to ensure you’re getting the most out of your content, so I can teach your team how to repurpose content for months to come.

If you’re just spinning up a sales team, let me and another consultant come in and teach them how to create a sales framework to drive conversions and accelerate revenue coming into your company.


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Who is Sameena Kluck?

Sameena Kluck is an innovation evangelist and social media strategist. A former practicing lawyer, she has spent years working in large and small legal technology companies, first in sales and then in legal marketing and branding.