Sameena Safdar | Social Media Strategist, Personal Branding Expert, & Legal Technology Consultant


I’m not just a social media consultant or legal technology consultant. Whether you’re an individual or company I can help you in any number of ways, all designed to boost your visibility.

How I can help you

Choose which services are best to help boost your visibility. 

Personal Branding Consulting

I will work with you to help you define and shape your personal brand.

Too many of us have never stopped to think about what our strengths are and for what we want to be known. Or instead our brands are entirely focused on our work-but we are whole persons with interests outside of our day jobs.

Highlighting your passions and interests outside of your paid career help you connect with others. 

I’ll help you think about what your “special sauce” or superpowers are, what you’re passionate about, and how to hone that into an elevator pitch you can use to be authentically seen and connect with others–whether that’s in person, across emails, or on social media.

Social Media Coaching

Do you feel overwhelmed by social media? 

Are you a lurker who rarely posts your own content? 

Do you spend most of your time clicking that thumbs up button?  

Learn how and why an active social media presence can not only boost your visibility and build your network but also help you feel more fully seen.

We’ll discuss ways to optimize your profile to weave in your personal brand and special skills, and how to make the most of your time online to boost your visibility.

You’ll learn how to create a consistent and engaging social media presence without having to log on daily.

Social Selling Training

Does your sales team need other ways to reach their prospects?

How are your customer success teams expanding their relationships at your client accounts?

Are your sales team members using social media to fill their sales pipelines and push deals to the next stage of the sales cycle?

If they’re not using social media as a way to deepen their prospect/customer relationships and share their expertise, they’re not using all the free tools at their disposal.

We’ll create a plan to help your team incorporate social media into their sales funnels, connecting with target prospects and customers.

Legal Technology Consulting

Do you want to get more attention for your company but unsure how?

Have you wondered how to get more visibility for your  great webinars and panel discussions?

Are you considered a thought leader in the legal industry?

If not, let me help raise your profile. I can help you identify the influencers in the legal industry and teach you how to engage with them. I’ll help you identify the conferences and live events to attend to raise your profile–and how to make the most of those events. 

I can help you secure podcast guest appearances or conference or webinar speaking appearances, and can livetweet those to drive more engagement.

You also want to ensure you’re getting the most out of your content, so I can teach your team how to repurpose content for months to come.

If you’re just spinning up a sales team, let me and another consultant come in and teach them how to create a sales framework to drive conversions and accelerate revenue coming into your company.

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